06 October 2010


While I was in Svalbard, I recorded videos for my boyfriend, Matthew, because we could not always talk when I had time at my computer. I thought that recording a video about my research day would be easier than typing today. So here you go:

I apologize for the random clicking every so often. I think it is vibrations in my laptop.

If tl;dw (too long; didn't watch), I am still having troubles with ULF and ELF systems. I am planning on moving my ULF coils away from the generator which means tomorrow, in the forecasted rain/snow, I get to dig holes and carry rocks. The ELF has a weird gain pattern, but opening up the receiver box showed two wires not connected to the sensor cable connector. They both look like ground cables, which would probably lead to the noise I am having. Tonight I am going back up the mountain to take pictures of aurora. It is to be cloudy the rest of my time in Alaska. I really hope that tonight I can get my images taken!


  1. You blinded me with science!

  2. Sounds like you are keeping busy. I enjoyed the video. We need to try the Skype thing--maybe after you get back? Keep well--chicken noodle soup and apple juice and vitamin C and zinc--that's my prescription. Love, Mmmmmmmy