18 August 2012

Home again!

After travelling for 18 hours yesterday, I made it home! My trip was a great success. I was able to finish working on the system on Wednesday afternoon, so I had the rest of Wednesday and Thursday to hike about and see the Greenland sites.

I replaced the video card, power supply, and processor card in our data acquisition system and now everything is running smoothly! Data is acquiring and looks great.

This is 7 hours worth of data after I fixed the machine. The two spikes near the beginning were me pressing the "calibrate" button.

With my work work out of the way, it was time to go exploring!

I went hiking a bit up the road from Kellyville to where there used to be a power plant when the United States had an air force base in Sondrestrom.

The tundra is so beautiful!

Because the water around here is mainly glacier fed, it has an amazing blue colour.

The same week I was up in Greenland, SRI had hired a contractor to come and paint the radar dish. It hadn't been painted since it was built in the early 1970s and there was rust, paint rubbing off, and other problems. He wasn't able to accomplish a lot in the week he was up because it was raining for about half the time, but he was able to go out for a few days.

You can see Mike hanging out painting away on the dish.

On Thursday morning, I went for a longer hike around Kellyville. I climbed the hill behind the radar dish, wandered around the tundra for a bit, found muskox skulls, and sat on a lovely picnic bench to have a snack and read my book.

After the site crew and painter were done working for the day, we decided to drive out to the ice cap. We drove for about an hour on a bumpy, sandy, windy road to get there. It was well worth it!

I'm glad that my trip went so well, the people who helped get me there and housed me were fantastic, and that I was able to visit such a beautiful place!


  1. You're so cool Carol! Looks like you got a lot of good work done and having fun while seeing some pretty cool stuff. :)

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. The life of a scientist is pretty great, no? We go to some amazing places! I look forward to seeing more of your Poland and Prague pictures.

  3. looks great Carol. Sounds like it was a successful trip. As well as being a lot of fun.

  4. It was great fun and I'm glad I was able to get everything done. Hooray for science!